• Troy Bowman

    Introducing Me

    May 9, 2014 by Troy Bowman
    hEY !!!!i'm a newbie My name is Troy lamonte bowman and I'm a fun person who i like to describe myself as chill and relax i can be friends with almost anyone i meet i love To talk and get to know everyone I'm all about respect ,I love To write stories and a huge Fan of muisc I Mostly listen to hip hop Pop r&b but i can get into anythng

    My favorite Shows Are American Horror story ,Glee , The game , The voice ,Family guy Boy meets world

    the fosters,Twisted   Love and Hip hop ATL,Girl meets World

    I Can watch just about anything really put these are my favorite , I Also Love muisc ANDi can't wait to share my Stories with y'all ,The Videos on your Right All My favorite Artist

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