Hey guys, due to a recent incident on chat that greatly upset me, I'll be leaving tomorrow. In case you don't understand, it's not jsut because of that, but alot of these before that added up. As soon as I found out the chat moved here, and I knew it was nothing but trouble, and considered leaving right away. I knew a no-rules atmosphere would never be right for me. I deep down knew I'd eventually be leaving, because I never I'd never truly be 100% at home in a place like this. My soul is a pearl of great price, and my Heavenly Father does not wish me to cast my pearls before swine. In other words, someone as pure as me doesn't belong on a chat where filth is posted on a regular basis, and nobody does anything about it.

So, to everyone who was posting bad words, dirty jokes, and stuff like that, this is YOUR fault. Yeah you. And look what happened because of your actions. You're losing me, the one who always brought sunshine and silliness to chat. The friend who was always there for everyone. The shoulder to cry on. And all that's gonna be gone starting tomorrow. Because of YOU. Think about that for a minute will you?

Ok, so that I've made the majority of the chat feel guilty, I'd better end on a positive note lol. To those friends who RESPECTED my innocence, by not swearing or talking dirty in my presence, thank you! I love you all, and you were great friends, and I will to my best to find a way to comminicate with all of you on other sites.

So, anyway, I think that's about it. Goodbye everyone, and I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I truly believe I'm doing the right thing.

UPDATE: Because I don't wanna lose contact with alot of y'all, here's some alternate ways to contact me:

Twitter: @FredBieberGirl1

Facebook: Elizabeth Figglehorn


Google Voice ("Fan" Phone Number): 321 252 8593

Other chats I'll possibly be on:

Austin and Ally (probably where I'll be the most)

Happy Friends (wiki that BKG and I made together)

Gibby (even though it's dead there lol, at least I have power there if anyone DOES come!)

iCarly (I know it's also dead, but a few people have told me they're gonna go there sometimes just for me.)

So there you go, with all that info, it'll be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to not stay in touch, ok? :)

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