Hiya everybuddy! I just wanted to share with y'all some very special upcoming events in my life. Well, by the tume post of y'all read this, it'll probably be ONGOING, lol. But anyway, tonight at 3AM, I leave for my graduation trip! I'm going up to Pensacola, Florida, where my homeschooling system is based and my graduation ceremony will be held there. Over the weekend, I will be staying in a hotel and enjoying its commodities as well as enjoy special activites that the school will be having for the graduates. 

And to make things even MORE special, tomorrow (May 9) is my BIRTHDAY! I'm turning 18 years old, which means I'll be an ADULT! YIKES! Crazy huh? To think that someone as silly and kiddish as myself will be a legal adult! But it's happening, believe it or not! However, I want to assure you all that I am NOT getting any older on the inside! I will ALWAYS be the goofball y'all know and (hopefully) love!

As for how often I'll be online, well, since I recently got a new phone as most of y'all are aware, AND a new iPad which I just got today, and they both have internet access, I'll be online as often as I can! Even if I'm in the car or my hotel room! The only times I won't be online are when I'm participating in the activities offered, and of course, when my graduation ceremony is being held. But other than that, I'll be online so I look forward to sweet birthday wishes from y'all! ;) 

Well, I think that's everything I wanted to say!

Peace out!

Love y'all!

God bless! :) 

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