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  • I live in Florida
  • My occupation is comedian
  • I am girl
  • Scarlett2011

    Going out of Town

    July 14, 2014 by Scarlett2011

    Hiya everybuddy! I just wanted to let y'all know that as of tomorrow starting at 9am (and I doubt anyone will be online THAT early!) I will be gone for the next 4 and a half days, with no phone or internet. I am going on a retreat with one of my church groups, and because this is intended to be a spiritual and meaningful experience, they've asked that we do without phone and internet during this time, in order to fulfill the purpose of the trip, and to help us focus on the Lord and each other. 

    Although I'm sure this will be a fun and meaningful experience, and that it help me grow in my faith, I will miss you all very much. I should arrive back Friday around noon, if the scheduling goes as planned. I look forward to returning and seeing ev…

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  • Scarlett2011

    Hiya everybuddy! I just wanted to share with y'all some very special upcoming events in my life. Well, by the tume post of y'all read this, it'll probably be ONGOING, lol. But anyway, tonight at 3AM, I leave for my graduation trip! I'm going up to Pensacola, Florida, where my homeschooling system is based and my graduation ceremony will be held there. Over the weekend, I will be staying in a hotel and enjoying its commodities as well as enjoy special activites that the school will be having for the graduates. 

    And to make things even MORE special, tomorrow (May 9) is my BIRTHDAY! I'm turning 18 years old, which means I'll be an ADULT! YIKES! Crazy huh? To think that someone as silly and kiddish as myself will be a legal adult! But it's happ…

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  • Scarlett2011


    June 29, 2013 by Scarlett2011

    Hey guys, due to a recent incident on chat that greatly upset me, I'll be leaving tomorrow. In case you don't understand, it's not jsut because of that, but alot of these before that added up. As soon as I found out the chat moved here, and I knew it was nothing but trouble, and considered leaving right away. I knew a no-rules atmosphere would never be right for me. I deep down knew I'd eventually be leaving, because I never I'd never truly be 100% at home in a place like this. My soul is a pearl of great price, and my Heavenly Father does not wish me to cast my pearls before swine. In other words, someone as pure as me doesn't belong on a chat where filth is posted on a regular basis, and nobody does anything about it.

    So, to everyone who …

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