aka Kaylee,Myrna,Fishy,Nina,

  • I live in New York, baby!
  • I was born on December 12
  • I am a Mermaid
  • Fishy19978
    Hey guys! I'd just like to tell you that I'm leaving for 10 days, counting today. I'll be on for right now it's about 10:20AM EST time and I'll be leaving 12-12:15PM EST time. So I'll stay on chat for the next two hours or so and wait for some of you guys to come on. So this is to who doesn't come on or doesn't know that I'm leaving. It's July 26nd to August 4th. I will be going back to New York to see family and some of my dad's new friends, we will be driving so I can't talk on here on the way either. There is NO internet connection where we're staying but if we go somewere on August 2nd or 3rdwhen we aren't busy then I could maybe try to get on but this is how it shall be until I say otherwise! Thanks for reading this.
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