So I'm working on a visual novel called "Royalty Free". A pun on the term for uncopyrighted work, but also fitting because you date...


It's been in the works since September 29, 2013, but the demo is finally (mostly) ready. I am aware that there are still some errors but you'll just have to live with it and they'll be fixed by the time the full version comes out.

About the game

You play as Takahiro (defaut name, you can actually give him any name you want), a new guard to the castle. He meets five princesses, and slowly falls in love with one. Which one, you may ask?

That's up to you. The choices you make will determine which princess you end up with!

The full game will contain eleven different endings, but the demo only contains six.

Download the demo here!

Constructive criticism would be appreciated. It could use improvement, I'm well aware, and if anyone has suggestions on how it could improve, please comment below!

The full version of Royalty Free should be out later this year.

Hope you enjoy!

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