Throughout my entire life I have known a quote of epic proportions.

A quote that could mean the end of time if said aloud. 

A quote that means only ten minute lunch breaks instead of fifteen.

A quote that means when you get older your children will treat you even more like shit then they already would.

A quote that would mean no more taco nights for the rest of your entire life.

A quote that could, very likely, make you go bald.

A quote that means Dubstep isn't really the sound of Chuck Norris' heartbeat.

A quote. . .

that could bring all of civilization to its knees.

Ever since I was a child I was aked what the quote was. Because I knew! 

I never spoke of this quote until now, that's how serious this is.

People would ask me why I never revealed this quote before.


My quote is the answer to every question of the universe.

(yes that includes Doctor Who?)

Why I never revealed the quote before?

The quote and answer is quite simple actually.

It is. . .

"Because I Always Win."

There you have it. 

I have officially wasted your time.

Ask me any question and 

"Because I Always Win."

Will be your answer.

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