Users and Their PersonalitiesEdit

PerfectConduit: ESFP "Performer"

EllieEstheim: ISFP "Composer"

Otherwordly Poptart: INFP "Healer"

Cartoonprincess: INFP "Healer"

ICarvicious22: ISFP "Composer"

Survivor321: ENTP "Inventor"

StolenHeartsXOXO: ISFP "Composer"

SpencerFanGirl123: ESFJ "Provider"

Holy Chiz: INTJ "Mastermind"

Poorallisonargent: ESFJ "Provider"

Theseddier2000: INFJ "Counselor"

Tash1: INFP "Healer"

PrettyReckless: ISFP "Composer"

Seddiafoeva: ENFJ "Teacher"

DryYoshi: INFP "Dreamer"

PurpleStripedFudgeParole239/Cyavic: INTJ "Mastermind"

Epic Ares: INFJ "Counselor" 

MiscellaneousSoup: ISFJ "Defender" 

SlappyWiggins: ESTP "Persuader"

Billkaulitz'sgirlfriend: INFJ "Counselor"

Alica123: INFP "Dreamer"

EpicnezzEmily: INTP "Architect"

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