This wiki is basically nothing more than a place where a group of people chat with each other.


There are some chat rules we didn't like on a different wiki we used to go on.

While this place aims to be a one of freedom, it does not mean that it is a home for digital anarchy (over-exaggeration woo!). Of course there are rules, though those are toned down to a minimum so users do not feel in any way limited by them. The main rule is obviously common sense: Be nice to people, don't spam, don't attack personally, that kind of stuff. Please be considerate and flexible, try to avoid drama and just do what you are supposed to do when you come to a site like this: Have fun.



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Chiz · MagicalMango · EllieEstheim/Amy

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Happy new year.

This wiki is for fun, but that does not mean that you should just come on to troll and insult. It is rather a place to hang out with friends and have fun. While we aren't strict on rules, a certain amount of common sense is required. Just little things: Don't harass people, and if you know something will bother someone else, don't do it. This is all we are asking you to do, not more, not less.


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